Spring Theft Prevention

With spring in full swing, the Moose Jaw Police Service is encouraging the public to take the appropriate theft prevention measures for their homes, garages, sheds, and businesses.

Home, garage, shed, and business break-and-enters are typically an act of opportunity, and that is why we are asking the public to be diligent with locking up their property.

The MJPS recommends that residents document their high-valued items within their homes, sheds, businesses, and garages. This entails recording the serial numbers and taking photos of each item such as bikes, tools, etc. This information is the best way to return the stolen items to its rightful owner.

A weak or damaged garage/shed door may lead to an attempted break-and-enter. It’s important to assess the condition of the door and fix or replace it if need be. In addition, ensure all garage or shed doors are securely locked at all times.

Another theft prevention method to consider is installing a cloud-based security system, and motion sensors if you have the means to do so. It can deter thieves, and images and video are an invaluable asset throughout a theft investigation.

The Moose Jaw Police Service would like to thank the public for taking part in crime prevention efforts, and also to remind you always to report a theft to police.

If your home, garage, shed, or business has been broken into, call the MJPS non-emergency line at 306-694-7600 or your local police agency to file a report. Residents can also file a report online.

If you witness a crime in progress or are in an emergency situation dial 9-1-1. For all other non-emergent needs call 306-694-7600.