Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 October 3 – 2022 October 4

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 57


0811 hours- Assault- Subject arrested and charged with assault.


0947 hours- Assistance to Sick Person- Subject located and is safe


0952 hours- Assist to Locate- Subject located and plans to return home today.


1106 hours- Domestic- Argument between two parties, situation mediated.


1119 hours- Traffic obstruction- Roadway cleared, driver issued a ticket.


1136 hours- Assist to Sick Person- Subject located and is safe.


1216 hours- Assist to Sick Person- Subject located and is safe.


1254 hours- Suspicious Persons- Area searched and subjects gone upon police arrival.


1312 hours- Assist to Sick Person- Subject located and is safe.


1426 hours- Dispute- Subject charged with assault.


1502 hours- Break and Enter- $15000 worth of items stolen. Still under investigation.


1509 hours- Dispute- Statements taken from both parties, still under investigation.


1518 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Subject located and it was a misunderstanding.


1540 hours- Dispute- Complainant was given advise on how to proceed.


1648 hours- Hit and Run- Police assisted with name exchange.


1650 hours- Public Intox- subject located and arrested under the Liquor Act.


1713 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject arrested, still under investigation.


1743 hours- Hit and Run- Still under investigation to follow up with driver.


1751 hours- Dispute- Situation mediated and everyone is fine.


1824 hours- Obstruct Peace Officer- Still under investigation.


1905 hours- Break and Enter- Spoke with party in the house who is the owner.


1930 hours- 911 False- Located subject who stated his phone pocket dialed 911.


2002 hours- Trespass- Still under investigation to locate suspect.


2007 hours- Mischief- Verbal dispute between parties. Still under investigation to speak to both parties.


2009 hours- Landlord/Tennant Dispute- Advise given to landlord.


2038 hours- Theft Under- Complainant lost item and reported it stolen.


2111 hours- Assist Elderly- Spoke with subject and provided advise.


2118 hours- Unwanted Guest- Police attended and located subjects who were sent away from premise.


2137 hours- Alarm Call- Attended commercial building and located door pushed in.


2231 hours- Dispute- Still under investigation to locate other party.


2356 hours- Assist Fire- Structure fire, nothing suspicious.


0058 hours- Noise Bylaw- Spoke with subject and provided a warning.


0330 hours- Disturbance- Located subject and arrested accordingly.


Assist Other Agency – 3

Breaches – 1

Warrant Executed- 1

911 Calls – 11