Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 October 14 – 2022 October 15

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 70



0649 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was sent on way with no issues.


0801hours- MVA- Two vehicles involved, $10,000 in damages and one ticket issued.


0823 hours- Theft Under- Stolen plate off a vehicle.


0846 hours- Weapons Call- Subject was charged with possession of weapon dangerous to public.


0901 hours -Property Found- Personal documents found. Owner spoken to and will be exhibited.


0954 hours- Dispute- Situation mediated between neighbors.


1010 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was at home and was fine.


1017 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was fine and didn’t want any help.


1025 hours-Lost Property- Wallet and purse lost with bank cards inside.


1027 hours- Theft Under- Complainant worried about dog being stolen while tied up. SUI.


1123 hours- Parking Bylaw- Tires marked on vehicle for overpark. Registered owner was notified


1207 hours- Harassing Calls- Between two individuals. Ongoing neighbor dispute


1218 hours- Bike Found- exhibited.


1234 hours- Traffic Obstruction- Vehicle parked obstructing traffic.


1320 hours- Dispute- Subject had his vehicle towed. Still under investigation.


1424 hours- Parking Bylaw- Still under investigation for overparked vehicle.


1517 hours- Shoplifting- Subject arrested for Shoplifting and released with conditions.


1555 hours- Shoplifting- Subject was charged with theft under.


1604 hours- Dispute- Between two individuals – mediated.


1636 hours- Dispute- Situation mediated.


1704 hours- Dispute Between Neighbors- Subject was given advice on how to proceed.


1709 hours- Theft Under- Generator stolen out of the back of a vehicle. Still under investigation.


1745 hours -Suspicious Occurrence- Both subjects were sent on their way


1841 hours- Well Being Check- Complainant worried about individual as hasn’t spoke to her in two months. Still Under Investigation.


1910 hours- Dispute- Two individuals left upon request. Situation mediated.


1929 hours- Assist Locate- Subject was located and returned to family.


1938 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject left upon request.


1938 hours-Dispute- Verbal argument between two individuals. Both parties were fine.


1948 hours- Shoplifting- Still under investigation.


2006 hours- Assault- Dispute between two individuals. Situation was mediated and options provided.


2245 hours- Dispute- Between two individuals. Subject was fine and did not want any help.


0026 hours- Break and Enter- Garage door opened nothing taken and no suspects.


0046 hours- Break and Enter in Progress- Two subjects arrested and charged.


0147 hours- Assault- Subject held in cells until sober.



911 Calls – 9
Warrants Executed – 4