Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service
2022 November 11 – 2022 November 12
0700 hours – 0700 hours
Total Calls – 43

0742 hours- Shoplifting- Subject charged with theft and utter threats

0746 hours- Fire Call- Electrical Fire started. Approximately $1000 in damages

0830 hours- Harassing Calls- Advice was given

0834 hours- Dispute- Subject arrested and charged with assault

0923 hours- Suspicious Person- Someone was looking in complainant’s window. Situation mediated

0934 hours- An individual was charged with credit card fraud

1002 hours- MVA Under- hit a snowbank. Reported for information purposes and advice given

1013 hours- Harassing Calls- Complainant wanted reported for information and advice given

1042 hours- Trespass- Subject to be charged with theft under and issued a ticket for trespass

1049 hours- Shoplifting-Subject charged with theft under and trespassing

1105 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject arrested on warrants and others sent on their way

1158 hours-Well Being Check- Subject advised she was sick and sleeping

1232 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was spoken to advised to keep it down

1239 hours- Dispute- Complainant was advised it was a civil matter and advice given

1308 hours- Disturbance- Complainant was given advice. Still under investigation

1339 hours- Theft Under- Between two individuals. Situation mediated

1435 hours- Dispute- Civil matter between old and new owners. Advice was given

1518 hours- Bike found- Bike will be picked up by commissionaires

1620 hours- Dispute- Between neighbors. Reported for information purposes

1729 hours- Obstruct Peace Officer- Still under investigation

1846 hours- Dispute- Subject arrested for public intoxication and held in cells until sober

2008 hours- Property Found- ID card turned in. Exhibited as found property.

2028 hours- Hit and Run-Approximately $200 in damages. Still under investigation

2124 hours- Unwanted Guest- individual in a business refusing to leave, left before police arrival

2213 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject provided a room at a hotel

2214 hours- MVA Under- Advised to report to SGI

2219 hours- Recovered stolen property- Two individuals to be charged with stolen property and resist arrest

2226 hours- Well Being Check- Two individuals were fine and refused assistance

911 calls – 3
Assist other agency – 1
Curfew Checks – 2
Warrant Executed – 5