Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 April 3 – 2022 April 4

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls –52



0650 hours- Dispute- Between two parties. Friend will pick up individual.


0710 hours- Break and Enter- Someone tried to grind the door on a garage overnight.


0913 hours- Well Being Check- Complainant was spoken to and taken to a family member.


1112 hours- Dispute- Verbal disturbance. Parties were separated and situation was mediated.


1159 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was fine, they were having troubles with landline.


1303 hours- Dispute- Between two individuals. Spoke to both parties, situation mediated.


1315 hours- Theft in Progress- Subject stole from a store and is now banned.


1406 hours- Harrassing Calls- Both parties were spoken to and agreed to not communicate with each other.


1439 hours- Dispute- Spoke with both parties and given advice on how to retrieve property.


1457 hours- MVA Injury- 2 vehicles involved. There were some injuries. Approximately $10,000 damages.


1515 hours- Assault- Subject arrested for assault and held until sober.


1542 hours- MVA- 2 vehicles involved with no injuries. Approximately $50,000 damage.


1601 hours- Break and Enter- Someone entered a garage and stole items. Still under investigation.


1658 hours- Bike theft- A bike was stolen within the last 2 weeks. Approximately $600 in value. No suspects.


1704 hours- Assist Ambulance- An individual was in cardiac arrest. Still under investigation.


1707 hours- MVA- Damage to bridge from another incident.


1725 hours-Suspicious Occurrence- An individual was not making sense was taken to hospital.


1816 hours- Theft Under- Vehicle had lights stolen and was tampered with. No suspects


1819 hours- Dispute Between Neighbors- Neighbor was given advice.


1825 hours- Assist Ambulance- Subject was not feeling well, he was spoken to and is fine.


1910 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- An individual stopped a vehicle and asked a child to come to vehicle.


1933 hours- Assist Locate- An individual was located and is fine. Left in care of the family.


2020 hours- Dispute- Altercation between two individuals. Both parties were warned.


2028 hours- Suspicious Occurrence- Complainant having issues with medication. Family member will take individual to doctor.


2151 hours- Noise Bylaw- Home owner was asked to turn down the music. They were warned of the bylaw.


2214 hours- Breach Undertaking- Complainant was told to have no further contact with an individual.


2217 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was asked to leave premises. Given some advice on options to stay.


2224 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was intoxicated at home and was gonna go to bed.


2248 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was asked to move from premises and they left willingly.


2327 hours- Disturbance- Subject was located and sent on their way.


0050 hours- Assistance to Sick Person- Subject was not in crisis and was given advice to go to hospital.


0419 hours- Parking Bylaw- A vehicle was parked on lawn. Landlord to be spoken to.



911 Calls-7

Alarm Calls-1

Fire Calls-1

Warrant Executed-1