Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 June 4 – 2023 June 5

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 43


0932 hours- Mischief- Subject made a mess at business. Banned.

0935 hours- Mischief- Subject to be charged.

0937 hours- Intoxicated Person- Subject arrested for disturbing the peace. Held in cells until sober.

1119 hours- Unwanted Guest- Individual sent on their way

1143 hours- Dispute- Advice provided.

1220 hours- Assist Sick Person- Individual taken to hospital and left in their care.

1508 hours- Assault- Subject to be charged.

1512 hours- Theft- Still under investigation to gather statements.

1545 hours- Driving Complaint- Individual warned of their driving actions

1721 hours- Theft- Property stolen from owners vehicle. Still under investigation for video.

1823 hours- Disturbance- Subject causing a disturbance at a business. Charged, arrested and held in cells until sober

2048 hours- Vehicle Seizure- Unauthorized driver found to be operating vehicle- towed

2104 hours- Well Being Check- Subject located and no concerns.

2108 hours- Property Dispute- Individual given advice to contact lawyer.

2319 hours- Disturbance- Subject arrested and held in cells until sober.

0110 hours- Well Being Check- Subject located and is fine.


911 Calls – 6

ASD Demand – 2

AGRA – 2

Assist Other Agency – 1

Warrant Executed – 3