Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2024 April 6 – 2024 April 7

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 46


0725 hours – Suspicious Occurrence – 2 people opened a biohazard container at the Bank of Nova Scotia, 4 individuals were banned from the premise.

0730 hours – Suspicious Vehicle – Subject was sleeping in his car in the middle of an intersection; charged with firearms offenses and drug trafficking.

1020 hours – Break and Enter – Subject attempted to break into a house; apprehended and charged with B&E and breach of orders.

1027 hours – Trespass – An individual was trespassing in a privately owned compound; police continue to investigate.

1132 hours – Hit and Run – A hit and run incident occurred on Thatcher Dr, 2nd vehicle was located and name exchange was facilitated.

1218 hours – Fraud – Subject lost approximately $10,000 to a bad cheque fraud; police continue to investigate.

1313 hours – Subject stole $40 in items from Coop; still under investigation as police retrieving video.

1615 hours – Dispute – Two individuals brandishing a knife to threaten a resident; the two individuals were charged with assault and theft.

1633 hours – Suspicious Occurrence – A backpack was found containing what appeared to be drugs and credit cards.  Police are still investigating to test for fentanyl.

1750 hours – Suspicious Person – EMS was called for a female laying in the street who then ran into oncoming traffic. The female was transported to hospital for psych evaluation.

1914 hours – Dispute – Dispute between family members. Police continue to investigate.

2246 hours – Driving Impaired – A vehicle was reported; police continue to investigate and will contact the registered owner.

0003 hours – License Suspension – Police conducted a sobriety test; individual failed and was given a 60-day licence suspension and vehicle was impounded.

0026 hours – Unwanted Guest – A house guest was refusing to leave; left upon request by police.

0053 hours – Driving Impaired – A silver comet was stopped for roadside sobriety test; driver failed, leading to a dispute.

0110 hours – Dispute – A dispute between two parties, parties were separated and dispute was mediated.


Alcohol Screening Device (ASD) – 6

Alarm Call – 2

911 Calls – 9