Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2024 May 04 – 2024 May 05

0700 Hours – 0700 Hours

Total Calls – 51


0923 Hours – MVA – 2 Trucks pulling Trailers hit each other, no tows required, no injuries, approximately $5,000.00 in damage.

0929 Hours – Theft – 3 Individuals stole varies items on May 1 & 2. The complainant does not want to press charges, if suspects are identified they will be banned from property.

1042 Hours – Dangerous Driving – Road rage between two parties. Both parties talked about their driving.

1304 Hours – MVA – Victim hit a meridian and knocked over sign, no injuries, no tows. City hall to be advised.

1328 Hours – Theft – Varies items stolen from vehicle overnight. Reported for Information.

1421 Hours – Fraud – Victim attempted to buy furniture off Facebook, communication was blocked.  Frauded $100.00. Reported for information.

1551 Hours – Assault – Suspect was swinging a broom around with knife attached. Suspect held until sober, charged with assault with a weapon, released on conditions to attend court at later date.

1858 Hours – Fire Call – Grass fire near the railroad tracks, police attended, fire department put it out.

2019 Hours – Break & Enter – Shed broken into on May 3rd and a scooter was stolen. Still under investigation.

2025 Hours – Theft – Subject stole 2 bottles of liquor, approximately $100.00. Fled on foot before police arrival, still under investigation to receive video footage.

2217 Hours – Dispute – Alcohol fueled dispute between 3 parties. Separated.

2300 Hours – License Suspension/Drug Trafficking – Subject passed out in vehicle, with vehicle running. Vehicle description and plate number was given, which helped police to find vehicle. Driver agreed to a SOTOXA which resulted in a positive reading. Vehicle was seized for 3-day, licence suspension for 60 days. Upon vehicle search, drugs and drug paraphernalia were found in the vehicle. Upon arrest and body search, more drugs and drug paraphernalia were found with a prohibited weapon. The subject was then charged with the purpose of trafficking cocaine and possessing a prohibited weapon. Released on conditions, including to attend court at later date.

0115 Hours – Dispute – Alcohol fueled dispute between two parties.  Separated.

Warrant Executed – 1

Well Being Check – 5

Assist Another Agency – 1

ASD – 6

911 Calls – 4