Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2024 May 21 – 2024 May 22

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 39




1109 Hours – Parking Bylaw- Car has been parked for quite some time and now has a broken window.


1135 Hours – Fraud- Several transactions made on credit card, reported to appropriate people.


1211 Hours – Fraud- Stolen credit card was used several times, reported to the bank.


1459 Hours- Dispute – Misunderstanding was happening, the situation was mediated.


1638 Hours – Shoplifting- Item shoplifted from store, still under investigation.


1837 Hours – Mischief- Children are breaking things, guardians have been talked to.


1937 Hours – Dispute- Police spoke to both parties involved, situation was mediated.


2055 Hours – Unwanted Guest- Subject was sleeping in a public area, was asked to move along.


2154 Hours – Dispute- Complainant says that someone is driving on driveway leaving a mess, still under investigation.


2312 Hours – Dangerous driving- Drives was learning to drive.


2357 Hours – MVA- One vehicle accident, with a wooden post, no injuries.


0049 Hours – Dispute- Dispute between two people, sent on their way.






Assist Othe Agencies – 3


911- 2