Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 July 9– 2022 July 10

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 59



0637 hours- Unwanted Guest- Subject was arrested for public intoxication


0724 hours- Suspicious Person- Individual was laying on sidewalk as they were tired. They were fine and not in distress.


0739 hours- Mischief- 2 individuals were warned for mischief and no charges laid.


0840 hours- Dog Barking- The owner was spoken to and will have family member put the dog inside.


1005 hours- Suspicious Person- There was an individual laying in field of park. They got up and walked away and are fine.


1025 hours- Bike Theft- Bike left out and got stolen overnight


1133 hours- Found Property- The phone was returned to owners


1428 hours- Dispute Between Neighbors- Situation mediated


1431 hours- Fraud- Individual is trying to access cancelled bank account. Reported for information purposes


1441 hours- Mischief- Overnight window on a truck was shot with BB gun. Still under investigation


1453 hours- Dangerous dog- Dog was returned to neighbor


1450 hours- Unwanted Guest- Spoke to complainant and was given advise on changing locks


1454 hours- Dispute- Landlord tenant dispute advised to contact rentalsman


1530 hours- Found Property- Subject picked up her wallet


1550 hours- Found Property- Health card found. Still under investigation to contact owner


1640 hours- Found Property- Wallet returned to owner


1753 hours- Assist Ambulance-Subject taken to hospital and left in their care

1916 hours- Dispute-between two individuals. Situation mediated


2012 hours- Break and Enter-Vacant house entered over night. Reported for information purposes


2214 hours- Licence Suspension- Subject was issued a 60-day licence suspension


2243 hours- Driving Erratic- Driver was having medical issues and pulled over and family arrived


2307 hours-Dispute-Between two parties, separated for the night.


2306 hours- Well Being Check- Subject was laying on sidewalk. He was fine and sent on his way


2328 hours-Vehicle Seizure-3 day impound


2330 hours- Loud Party- The party was moved inside and the owner was warned under the bylaw


2353 hours- Noise Bylaw- Homeowner was warned of the noise for the birthday party


0106 hours- Driving Erratic- Vehicles driving crazy


0218 hours- Intoxicated Person- Subject was intoxicated by drugs and was taken to a family members


0213 hours- Dispute- Between two individuals over property






Alarm Calls-1

Warrant Executed- 2

Assist Other Gov’t-3

Assist Other Police Agency-2

911 Calls- 10